Friday Favorites: Dry Winter Blues Edition

Living in Colorado definitely comes with its benefits.  It is, after all, a place some folks dream of living.  It’s nice to be outside in every season (I won’t go as far as to say everyday), and there’s something to do in every season (that, I think, is a little more rare).  Between hiking, biking, running, rock climbing, summiting 14ers, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and everything else in between, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!  The lack of bugs and humidity also tend to make it more bearable, and having over 300 sunny days a year is simply ideal.

The dryness and altitude, however, wreak havoc on this former east coaster’s skin!  My hair, for the most part and with regular deep conditioning, loves it, as do my hairstyles.  But my skin I think actually revolts against this arid climate.  So I thought this Friday I would share some of my favorite remedies and products to keep my skin soft, moisturized, and hopefully, glowing all year long.

1.  Arbonne Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum with SPF 15 Suncreen: I am one of those people who wears makeup every day, and most definitely facial sunscreen. It’s not that I don’t like my skin or appearance, but the preppster, always ready for a photo-shoot face persona has never worn off.  So I have been loving my new makeup routine recently with my liquid foundation from Arbonne.  I use this product in buff and it blends perfectly, evens my skin, and feels so soft on.  I put additional facial sunscreen on first, but even having an additional amount of SPF makes me feel better about all these sunny days.

This stuff blends and evens like a dream.

2.  The Secret of the Himalayan Body Butter: Did I mention Colorado is a dry, dry place? I always used lotion before moving here, but now I cannot live without it.  Before moving, my brother got me this body lotion and sugar scrub set as part of a Christmas gift.  I am now hooked and cannot live without it.  Unlike most body butter, it’s light and not greasy, but it’s effective!  This body butter is especially good for elbows, knees and heels, where the skin gets the driest.

Smoothy smooth skin!
Smoothy smooth skin!

3.  The Righteous (Body) Butter: Speaking of body butter, this one is intense. Whenever it’s an especially dry day, and particularly after I have used either a sea salt or sugar scrub, this is my go to for re-hydrating.  It smells fabulous and kicks butt when it comes to moisture.

Pile on the moisture. This one packs a punch.
Pile on the moisture. This one packs a punch.

4.  Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub: It’s necessary to slough off the dry, dull skin during these harsh winter months to keep skin glowing and soft. When I discovered this amazing sea salt scrub living in Boulder, I never looked back.  It’s just the right amount of scrub which dissolves without a weird residue, and it smells like a tropical drink in the middle of winter – it does feature lime, coconut, grapefruit and sea salt, after all.  It’s great for face and body, and I cannot get enough of it!

From dry and dull to glowing and glamorous!
From dry and dull to glowing and glamorous!

5.  Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy: My poor hands. I don’t think I can ever keep them moisturized enough.  I am very particular about hand lotion.  I want it to smell good, but actually be effective during these dry days.  Most lotions seem to fade quickly and I feel like I need to reapply constantly.  Thank goodness for Crabtree & Evelyn.  Sadly they just closed the only store front in Colorado, but I have found them sold at various spas and retailers, and where would we be without online shopping?  Their lotion in the Gardeners scent is ideal.  It’s herby and not overpowering, but pleasant and calming.  J ’adore.

Delightful scent, powerful hand therapy. Source
Delightful scent, powerful hand therapy. Source

These are some of my favorite moisturizing winter-time products, and when it comes to Colorado winters, it’s all about skin protection!

What are some of your favorite, or most effective moisturizing products?  Do you have the same dry-skin winter problems? Any other remedies work for you!

The Happiness Factor: Friday Favorites Edition

Friday is here again – hooray!  This summer has simultaneously flown by and dragged on… not really sure how that works, but there you have it.  The fall semester started this week and work has been a bit of a chaotic, excited, anxious blur.  Thankfully things have calmed down slightly on campus, but will probably pick right back up come Monday.  For now, let’s appreciate Friday and look forward to the weekend!

I find it is sometimes best to focus on favorites as a means of happiness.  I saw an infographic this week that broke down the elements of happiness into 15 categories, most of which is genetic (I tend to think I am a happy person at heart, so I believe that to be true), but thoughts, actions and beliefs are three other key pieces to happiness.  If we think about things that make us happy, and tend towards positive beliefs and actions, we are more apt to be happy people.  Therefore, Friday favorites are a piece of the happiness puzzle – hooray!

Let’s jump right in to the Friday Favorites lineup!

  1. Traveling – of course I am focused on travel given I leave for the UK in a matter of eight days!! Not that I am counting.  The hubs and I will be taking our first trip together across the pond, and for my hubby, his first truly international trip.  He’s been to Canada and Turks and Caicos, but that is it.  I was lucky enough to be born abroad, so did most of my life’s traveling by the time I was four.  In college I studied abroad in London, England and Sydney, Australia (I was an English major, so naturally I went where they speak English!), and have been dying to go back to both since.  Six years after studying in London, I am finding my way back, this time with the hubs in tow.  We were dating when I was last there, but all I could think was how much he would love it.  We plan to travel to Oxford, Canterbury and Bath during our stay in London, and end our trip in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I am half Scottish, and my hubby is a quarter, so it’s about time we go see the land of our heritage.  I am a wee bit excited (catch my sarcasm?), and will begin packing this weekend.  One more week… I can make it.
  2. Six years later, I am finally returning to one of my favorite cities in the world!
    Six years later, I am finally returning to one of my favorite cities in the world!  I can’t believe my hair was once that short and blonde…
  3. FREE RACES – yup, that’s right.   About a month and half ago my friend and local sorority sister contacted me about participating in the
    I do love some good race swag after all!  And champagne.
    I do love some good race swag after all! And champagne. Source

    Esprit de She 10K on August 28th.  At first I thought, “Hmm, a race on a Thursday night?  Not too sure about that…” And then she intimated that I could participate for free.  Furthermore, it’s a race designed for women, and at the finish line is champagne (HELLO!) at their Bubbly Bar, hair braiding and mini manis (awesome), post-race tapas (you had me at champagne), and a FABULOUS Athleta tech tank.  Did I mention that Athleta is one of the major sponsors?  Did I also mention that my friend formerly worked for Athleta and that’s how I got to sign up for free?  I also figured, besides all of the incredible goodies, this would be great practice for running an evening/night race before the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November.  So yay for free!

  4. Colorado Mountains – during this past month I have spoiled with myself with adventures in the Colorado Rockies. We took some of our east
    How cool is it that I get to live here?
    How cool is it that I get to live here?

    coast friends up to Vail at the beginning of the month, and then partook in Yoga on the Rocks and hiking around Red Rocks last weekend.  After moving from Boulder, I find it harder to take the time to explore the amazing landscape of our state.  I am hoping to fit in another hike this weekend, potentially near Golden.  Although Denver is a great city to visit, the foothills and mountains that flank its west side are the real tourist attraction, in my opinion.

  5. Tea – completely unoriginal, but there you have it. With my trip coming up I have been drinking so much tea recently.  I am a huge fan of Harney & Sons Paris Tea, but have recently converted to their delicious Earl Grey Supreme.  As much as I don’t want summer to end, I am conflicted in that I am craving cooler days, autumn sunshine, changing leaves and enjoying a beautiful pot of warm tea (with milk, because that’s how I roll).  I may have an entire cabinet entirely dedicated to tea… and 8 teapots of varying sizes and styles.  I may also have planned at least 3 teas during our trip, with a potential for 3 more…  Fortnum and Mason, anyone?

    Thank you Buzzfeed, I am okay with this.  Source
  6. Outlander – although I have significantly reduced my television watching, there are some shows I make time for. One of my new favorites is
    I recommend this series - it will suck you in!
    I recommend this series – it will suck you in!  Source

    Outlander.  In college, a dear friend and roommate recommended the Outlander series, and I read the first two voraciously.  I haven’t picked up the others since, and now really want to re-read the first all over again.  Starz just introduced a new series based upon Diana Gabaldon’s books, and timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Set outside of Inverness, Scotland, it has me daydreaming of my impending adventures.  I really recommend the books and the show!

So here’s to happiness and the things in life that make us smile.  Have a happy, healthy and fabulous Friday everyone.  Go out and enjoy some of your favorite things.  It just might make your day that much happier!

What favorites are making you happy these days?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Anyone have other London/Edinburgh recommendations?

Fridays are Meant for Favorites

Oh happy day, it’s Friday Favorites!  Which in essence means it’s Friday, and therefore implies it is practically the weekend!  So let’s talk favorites.

  1.  Sparkly Soul Headbands

I discovered Sparkly Soul headbands while working my way through the enormity that is the Run Disney Expo.  I found their booth, and immediately saw two things that grabbed my attention: headbands and sparkles.  Long ago I admitted my love for headbands and my saddening realization that they would not be a staple in my wardrobe in Colorado.  These running headbands are awesome – they don’t slip and slide, they don’t cause headaches, and they add a little je ne sais quoi!  I have worn them during multiple races and cannot get enough.  I ordered their red, white and blue stars version for the Liberty Run 4 Miler on the 4th of July!  Now through the 4th you can receive 25% off any headband with the words Red, White and/or Blue in the description with coupon code “USA”.  Enjoy!

My "crowning" glory, if you will, for the Liberty Run 4-Miler!
My “crowning” glory, if you will, for the Liberty Run 4-Miler! Source
  1. StrideBox!

My friend and fellow blogger, the Bake N’ Burn Bombshell, introduced me to the concept in April and I received my first box this month!  If you’ve seen ads for the BarkBox, a monthly box of goodies for dogs, this is essentially the same thing for runners!  Brilliant!  For about $15 a month, it introduces you to new products, allows you to explore different accessories and companies, and helps you find other options for fuel, apparel, training sessions and workouts.  This month’s box came with a number of great goodies, including a chocolate peanut butter PureFit bar (which I ate before LACYFit yesterday), Muscle Milk Energy Chews (which I plan to try this weekend on my long run), Water Sensations water infusions, and Paper Shower body wipes (I think these will be awesome to save for post-Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!).  Each month provides something different, and so far, I am pumped and can’t wait for July’s delivery!

Loving my monthly delivery of StrideBox goodies!
Loving my monthly delivery of StrideBox goodies!
  1. Chap Ice Revo

I admit, I am super late to the chapstick sphere club, but after getting a free Chap Ice Revo ball from CU Denver, I am obsessed!  This minty, moisturizing ball of awesome is constantly in my purse and is so refreshing.  Let’s be honest, the sphere is just too fun.  I will branch out to eos soon, but I am also a plane old chaptstick kind of girl sometimes.  It’s hard to go wrong.

I have the mint version, which is so refreshing and tingly on my lips!
I have the mint version, which is so refreshing and tingly on my lips!
  1. Benefit Chacha Tint

I am one of those women who wears “race makeup.”  I protect my face with SPF BB Cream, throw on some waterproof mascara, obviously apply some handy Chap Ice Revo, and finish with Benefit Chacha Cheek Tint.  This tint can be used for both lips and cheeks (I just use it for cheeks), and it the absolute perfect sunny glow.  I started wearing it on a daily basis, and not only does it last, but it looks so natural.  I was not blessed with a natural flush, so I have always relied on blushes.  This blush is by far my favorite.  Especially once I get to my full summer tan, it still pops, but in a subtle, natural, just back-from-the-beach kind of way.

I may need to invest in the chacha balm too!
I may need to invest in the chacha balm too!
  1.  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze

I’ve been on a new makeup trying kick of late, and am all about samples to find new products to purchase (who doesn’t love the Sephora samples?).  I discovered this product in this very way, and now have no idea what I did before it.  This makeup primer does double duty: it keeps your makeup in place and lasting from day to night, and it also provides a touch of bronzey glow to amp up your summertime look.  What more could you ask for?  I have been attempting a looks-like-less is more routine, starting with this primer, applying some SPF CC cream, then the Benefit Chacha Tint, along with summery eyeshadow and some plumping mascara.  Beachy and casual, but still polished.

Amazing addition to my daily makeup routine!
Amazing addition to my daily makeup routine!

I hope you enjoy these favorites and give some of them a try (if you haven’t already!).  This weekend I am due for a long run with the hubby, a delectable anniversary dinner at Flagstaff House in Boulder (the best views in town!), and some serious pool time.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Have you tried any of these products or companies – what did you think?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Please tell me I am not the only one with raceday makeup routines, right?


Runbelievable BolderBOULDER and Jam-Packed Weekend

Well I feel ashamed I have not yet recounted the results of the BolderBOULDER yet.  It’s been nearly three weeks… but a fun and crazy three weeks it’s been.  After Samantha, aka Miss Bakenburn, and her hubby departed Colorado, the hubs and I hosted another guest, had an amazing weekend trip to Vegas, and continued preparing for another 10K.  I’ve decided our home is much more like a bed and breakfast than a home, which is perfect because I love being the hostess with mostest!

But back to the BolderBOULDER… I am easily distracted on Fridays.  This is honestly one of my favorite running events.  It is so much more

We were looking rather Patriotic ourselves!
We were looking rather Patriotic ourselves!

than just a race.  The BolderBOULDER, or BB for short, is a massive celebration for Memorial Day.  It honors our nation’s Veterans with ROTC running units, military personnel parachuting into the CU Boulder stadium, and an incredible tribute at the very end.  Even if you don’t run the race, watching the excitement and participating in the spectacle are well worth it.  50,000 people participate each year, so it’s a pretty big event!

Our day began at 6:00am, when we left for Boulder.  Typically it is a 45 minute drive from my home south of Denver to Boulder.  Given the enormity of the BB, I gave myself plenty of time.  We hit some unnecessary traffic due to a cop car on the side of the highway, but made it to the parking garage on CU Boulder’s campus by 7:30am.  Our wave, FL (one of nearly 100 waves), was set to depart at 7:39:50am, but after the walk to the start line and stop at the bathroom, we arrived 5 minutes late.  Luckily you can always start in a later wave than your assigned one, and so we were off with group GA!

Before starting the BolderBOULDER, on the way to our start wave!
Before starting the BolderBOULDER, on the way to our start wave!
We found the start line- ready to go!
We found the start line- ready to go!

We started the race at a good, easy pace, taking in the sights and sounds.  There are bands and performers located all throughout the course.  Seriously though, there are 36 groups performing over 6.2 miles – that’s pretty amazing!  Each kilometer and mile are marked, including the highest point of the race, Casey Hill, at 5,391 feet located just after mile marker 4.  We ran fairly steady with our friends until just about mile 3.  Elevation can be a beast when you aren’t used to it, and because you can’t “see” elevation, you don’t really think about it until it is hard to breath.  On a vacation to Colorado before moving here, I experienced elevation sickness, and I felt absolutely horrid.  We didn’t want them to go through that mid-race.  At that point the hubs and I went on ahead so our friends could get into a comfortable rhythm and ease their pace a bit.

We really enjoyed the race this year!  We had a bit more practice this time around!
We really enjoyed the race this year! We had a bit more practice this time around!
Aren't our ensembles super cute?
Aren’t our ensembles super cute?

The hubs and I ran all the way through to the finish, constantly commenting on how much easier it was this year.  Last year’s BB was our very

You definitely feel like a rockstar crossing the finish line!
You definitely feel like a rockstar crossing the finish line!

first race, after only discovering running 3 months prior (and starting a running career at altitude no less)!  While we had a blast, it wasn’t easy.  This year, however, was a breeze.  We were able to enjoy the belly dancers, local bands, Irish Step Dancers, the group of fiddlers, the cupcake break, doritos, and slip-n-slides so much more.

By far, the best part of the race is the end.  You run up Folsom Road into the side entrance of the CU Boulder stadium, then loop ¾ of the way around the stadium with spectators and completed runners cheering you on.  It’s a barrage of sound, excitement, and glory.  In that moment, you feel like a pro!  Needless to say, the hubs and I locked hands and sprinted through the finish line.  After crossing, you work your way through perfectly calculated post-race check-points: first timing tag removal and finisher photos, then Gatorade and water, and finally lunches in bright green lunch bags and beers for those of age.  You emerge from the stadium into an impressive post-race expo with local and big-name vendors scattering the campus.

Yeah, we were that couple - holding hands through the finish line!
Yeah, we were that couple – holding hands through the finish line!

After meeting up with Samantha and her hubby, we wandered the Expo for a bit and then decided to head back to Denver for a delicious barbeque and cocktails.  Ultimately it was the perfect Memorial Day weekend, and I cannot wait to run it again next year!

What an awesome accomplishment!!
What an awesome accomplishment!!

As I mentioned, the very next week one of my hubby’s dearest friends from high school and college came to stay for a few days before throwing his other friend’s camping bachelor party.  It was a great visit, and was the perfect way to kick off my birthday week!  He arrived on that Wednesday and we went to Barolo Grill, an incredible Italian restaurant nestled in the Cherry Creek district of Denver.  What makes this restaurant so phenomenal is the dedicated wait staff.  Each year, the restaurant sends its staff, and of course chefs and line cooks, to Italy to learn more about the cuisine, the wine, and the culture of food in Tuscany (makes me want to be a waitress again!).  The service is excellent, the food divine, and I got an amazing little treat for my birthday.  What can I say?  I don’t celebrate the day, I celebrate the month!  The next month we went to my favorite steak house of all time, Del Frisco’s, home of the best filet Oscar and the VIP – Svedka Clementine Vodka infused with fresh Hawaiian pineapple. INCREDIBLE.  May and June are turning into some amazing months for friends, fun and food!

This weekend marks 2 big things: Father’s Day and the US Open (golf of course people).  The hubs began watching the first round yesterday, and is so thrilled for the weekend.  I see gin and tonics in our future… But besides that, the hubs and I are running the Denver Father’s Day 10K this weekend!  We wanted to get a 10K in the books together, and as it is also puppy daddy day, we thought it’d be fun to do something together that we both enjoy.  This race will take us through north Denver, in the Stapleton area.  It’s looking like it’ll be a perfect weather day – mid-80’s, partly cloudy, and a light breeze!

Any plans for the weekend and Father’s Day?  Have you ever run the BolderBoulder – what did you think?  Are you going to watch the US Open?  Any predictions on the victor?

Colt & Gray Do-over for Foodie Friday

Back in March I had all the best intentions of taking our friends Julia and Alex to Colt & Gray in Denver. Plans change, and much like the whispering willow, I am flexible. Suffice it to say, we did not go to Colt & Gray, and since then I have been trying to find an excuse to partake! Lo and behold, it’s Foodie Friday, and this month it was my pick! Can you guess where it is I may have forced requested we go? None other than Colt & Gray!

So today I thought I would prepare myself, as any foodie fanatic would do, for the selections of the evening. It is before noon Mountain Standard time, so I thought I would peruse the dinner menu before venturing to cocktails. As it always manages to do, the charcuterie and cheese section immediately caught my eye. All I know is that I want to someday write descriptions for wine and cheese. I appreciate a fantastical turn of phrase, and fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith on occasion. So now I know if I fail at life, I too could be writing phrases like “Briny and gooey, with a robust pungent flavor. Finishes with slightly mushroom and salty flavors.” Now that is cheese with a presence. Sold.

I may or may not be a HUGE fan of a cheese board... and may have had only this for dinner... on multiple occasions.
I may or may not be a HUGE fan of a cheese board… and may have had only this for dinner… on multiple occasions.

After satiating my desire to plan ahead and appeal to the taste buds, I turned to the Cocktails and Beer menu. I rarely review wines in advance… typically I am a little overwhelmed to think about wine. So instead, I focused on my pre-dinner beverage. The list is both unique and hilarious, with appropriate references to Ron Burgundy and Sex Panther (“Contains real Panther; so you know it’s good.”). Where would we be without a few Archorman references? I, personally, have my eye on the A-Sharp (which is always better than B flat… oh wait… This one is for all the pun-appreciative musicians out there!).

One of the most unique drink menus I have seen thus far. Pay close attention to the footnotes.
One of the most unique drink menus I have seen thus far. Pay close attention to the footnotes. Source

I am excited to have another amazing Foodie Friday in the books, and thrilled to finally try the long-awaited Colt & Gray! Happy Friday everyone!

Any fun Friday plans?  Is there a new restaurant on the menu?  Do you plan out your dinners in advance or wait for the surprise?

Friday Favorites and Family

It’s almost the weekend! Hooray! And it’s looking to be yet another glorious weekend here in Colorado. Shocking, I know. It’ll be an even better weekend because my parents are flying in today! I haven’t seen my folks since October, and not properly since last May. I can’t wait for them to see our new home in Denver and meet their fur-grandchild, Rocco!

Because I am in such a delightful mood, I wanted to list some of my favorite things this week. I know this is a big blogger must-do, so I am jumping on that bandwagon for all it’s worth. Fridays seem to have that effect on people – we bask in what makes us most happy! So, here I go!

  1.  Patriotic New Balance 3190s
Sooooo pretty.  They arrived yesterday!
Sooooo pretty. They arrived yesterday!

I have been obsessing over these shoes for the past few weeks ever since I received their e-mail. With a race on Memorial Day, I thought it’d be fun to work the patriotic angle. And now that I know NB 3190s are my all-time favorite race running shoe (i.e. Disney Princess Half Marathon, Lucky Laces, and soon to include the Nike Women’s Half Marathon), another pair is definitely in order.

  1. To piggy-back on Samantha’s choice from last Friday, SPARKLE SKIRTS! I love sparkles. I love skirts. I love running in skirts. I love being sparkly all the time. Therefore, I love running sparkle skirts.
Samantha and I will be donning our sparkle skirts for the BolderBoulder next month!
Samantha and I will be donning our sparkle skirts for the BolderBOULDER next month!

I knew I wanted to give sparkle skirts a try, but wasn’t sure when to test them out. I haven’t yet been brave enough to don them solo, but when running with a friend, it seems the perfect excuse. The Bake N’ Burn Bombshell and I will be sparkling our way through the BolderBOULDER. Oh yeah.

  1. Spring in Colorado – duh! It’s amazing this time of year, and I love how much folks in this state enjoy where they live. It’s adventure season, as my coworker, Kaitlin said to me. And that is the plain and honest truth.

So what’s on the docket? Exploring Colorado Springs (don’t you like my play on words?). This weekend the parental unit will be joining the hubs and I on a little southern outing. We plan on taking the Pikes Peak Cog Railway up to the tippy top (oxygen bar thankfully included), meandering through the Garden of the Gods, and new on my list, Cave of the Winds. Having been able to enjoy Denver and Boulder, it’s time to go south!

  1. Planning for England and Scotland! The hubs and I finally got down to planning business for our trip this September to the British Isles. We’ll be staying in London for eight days and Edinburgh for four, with a bunch of day trips scattered throughout. We finally booked our hotels and are looking into options for day trips and other reservations. I cannot wait!! This will be the hubs’ first time across the pond. He loves golf, gin and Scotch, so he’ll fit right in!
I can't wait to return to London after 6 years away.  It's one of my favorite cities in the world.
I can’t wait to return to London after 6 years away. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world.

We hope to do a trip to Bath, Avebury and Stonehenge (Avebury is definitely better for viewing, but Stonehenge is pretty iconic, I guess…), Oxford, and maybe Canterbury. In Scotland, we’re planning to get in some golf (I have some serious practicing to do…) and a Scotch tasting/tour. All I know is that I absolutely cannot wait!

  1. More races! In the spirit of race season, I signed up for more races!
I live to run!  Particularly in adorable costumes!
I live to run! Particularly in adorable costumes!

Last year I attended a wedding back in Maryland while a number of my Colorado sorority sisters ran the Denver Hot Chocolate Run. It gives you the option for a 5K or 15K, and looks like an absolute blast. It’s one race series that has always piqued my interest. I signed up for the 2014 15K this upcoming October, and I know it’ll be so much fun! After reading about the Bake N’ Burn Bombshell’s Rock ‘N’ Roll USA experience, I knew I wanted to try an RNR of my own. Luckily RNR Denver Marathon/Half Marathon takes place October 19th, and I am all over the half marathon. It’ll be my first half in Colorado (at altitude – ah!) and I think this will race will be the one to do it! My ultimate goal is to run 10 races this year, and I am currently set to complete 6. There’s a bunch of great local races I am looking into in June, July and November, so hopefully I can get 4 more on the books.

Here’s to Friday and favorite things, and a great weekend ahead with family!


What are some of your favorite things of the moment?  Any upcoming adventures in your future?  What are you most looking forward to this weekend?  Have you ever run a Rock ‘N’ Roll or Hot Chocolate run – what did you think?

Foodie Fridays

Foodie Friday is possibly my absolute favorite Friday of the month!  Fridays already have a fantastic connotation, but add a foodie experience and you’ve got yourself an ideal weekday and start to the weekend.  While we were still living in Boulder, a few couple friends of ours asked if we would like to join them for their Foodie Friday tradition.  The group had formed a few months prior and the idea was to try one new or favorite restaurant each month, picked by a different couple, for a chance to delight in some of the local hotspots and enjoy some wonderful company.  We quickly realized this was an awesome tradition, and have kept it up since.

Luckily my dear friend Danielle is in the food business and always knows the best little places to go in Denver and Boulder.  She’s always got a great recommendation, and she’s never led me astray.  I would promote any of the restaurants on this list, but have highlighted* a few!  I’ve also indicated a few pre or post dinner bars that we really enjoyed!

Some of the restaurants we have sampled in the nearly two years we’ve participated in Foodie Friday:

Enjoying a beautiful meal at Brasserie Ten Ten!
Enjoying a beautiful meal at Brasserie Ten Ten!

Although most Foodie Fridays we are out and about, some we stay in and enjoy one another’s skills in the kitchen.  Regardless of where we are, it’s the perfect excuse to see some of our favorite people while simultaneously trying something new and always delicious.  Tonight we’ll be going to the adorable French bistrot, Z Cuisine, and its neighboring bar, A Cote.  I love being able to check these great local restaurants off my list and discover which ones I simply must return to!

Do you have a Foodie Friday tradition, or something similar?  Do you like to go to one restaurant continuously, or try new places?  How do you learn about new restaurants?