Once more with feeling!

Suffice it to say, a lot has happened in the six months since my last post. The summer came and went (sadly, it’s my favorite season) complete with five weddings, a visit from our dear friends Samantha and Michael, my 15 year friendiversary trip with one of my besties, Tessa, to Steamboat Springs, and an amazing mini vacay to Lewes, Delaware with my sister and parents.  The fall allowed me the opportunity to present at a national conference, and also brought with it an amazing new job – my dream job!  And finally, this winter began with an intensifying training schedule for, yup, you guessed it, another marathon!  I have heard you get addicted, and I think I just might be.

Colorado continues to be one of my favorite places to explore – there is so much to see!
Lewes, Delaware is such a hidden gem along the east coast, and a Labor Day Weekend family tradition!

Over the summer, Samantha introduced me to some amazing workout classes I had been

Cannot wait to see this lady in two weeks’ time!

too chicken to try before, barre and spin. During her visit and in the midst of our frenzy of fitness, she and I, along with our hubbies, decided to sign up for the Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon. Samantha and my hubby will be running the half, and her hubby and I will be running the full (because we be cray).  We spent a day scouring the interwebs for the right race-cation. After all, we had to find something to rival the Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon experience in November 2014. We narrowed it down to two races, the Napa Valley Marathon and the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, California. I guess palm trees, sea level and Pacific Ocean views won out over wine (also, the Napa Valley Marathon doesn’t allow for earbuds, which would be incredibly tough over 26.2 miles).  So here we are, a mere 16 days until the Marathon, and I am seriously excited.

My training plan had a few hiccoughs early on, including a few colds, and recently has been plagued with snow storms, but thankfully last weekend’s 20 miles felt amazing. I sprinkled the fall and early winter with local races to keep me motivated, including the Hot Chocolate 15k, the Denver Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon, the Esprit de She 10k, the Pumpkin Pie 10k, the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, the Colder Bolder 5k, the Resolve 5k.  In some ways, it’s all downhill from here, especially considering the race is at sea level.

Again I made sure to incorporate strength training with running, and also incorporated some spin classes in my schedule.  This time, I gave myself over five months to prepare, both mentally and physically.  I hadn’t reduced my running all that much during the summer, so it wasn’t too much of a transition into the next training schedule. Below are the miles for my first 20 weeks of training.  Just a few weeks left before the big day – I cannot wait!

Date (Monday) WEEK Total Miles
8/29/2016 1 23.24
9/5/2016 2 12.74
9/12/2016 3 6.24
9/19/2016 4 12.05
9/26/2016 5 24.88
10/3/2016 6 18.82
10/10/2016 7 21.62
10/17/2016 8 15.61
10/24/2016 9 22.83
10/31/2016 10 18.51
11/7/2016 11 27.6
11/14/2016 12 27.67
11/21/2016 13 15.96
11/28/2016 14 18.83
12/5/2016 15 28.9
12/12/2016 16 6.28
12/19/2016 17 31.98
12/26/2016 18 28.46
1/2/2017 19 32.75
1/9/2017 20 33.31

Keep On Marching: Esprit de She March Madness Giveaway!

As we draw to a close this month of March, I am grateful for the frenzied blur of fun I was able to have along the way.  I started the month with my first half marathon of 2015, mid-March I was able to visit Disney World with my family (no race this time), and I end the month with a new lease on health and fitness (updates to come, but I can say I have discovered the healing power of yoga, and I am hooked… I know I am late to this party).

I had such a great time in Disney with my family!  Love this goofy bunch.
I had such a great time in Disney with my family! Love this goofy bunch.

This month I made the pledge to go #Streakingwiththecoolkids – a mile a day in March.  I know, I know, not quite what it

Yeah, I am spoiled when this is the view that gets me through the miles...
Yeah, I am spoiled when this is the view that gets me through the miles…

sounds, but I assure that by streaking we mean making those miles fully clothed.  Whether running, walking, or just getting up and moving, this initiative kept me going forward all month long.  With it being the final day of the month, I can say that I have officially, including today, traversed 180.57 miles in the month of March.  It’s almost bizarre to add it up and see it in black and white.  When we really set our minds to something, we can accomplish so much.  This is an average of 5.82 miles per day during the month, and is part of a larger goal I set for myself, to reach 2,015 by the end of the year!

With the last day of the month upon us, I wanted to let the world know about an AMAZING opportunity through Esprit de She.  This race series is located in cities across the country, and hosts races for runners and triathletes, and hosts duathlons too!  It’s a race series designed for women with a plethora of options and combinations.  I have raved about it before, but it is a series I am very passionate about.  Although last year was my first experience, it was amazing and I cannot wait to run the Esprit de She Westminster 10K again this August.


In the spirit of March Madness, and on this last day of March, I am happy to present the Esprit de She March Madness Giveaway!  All participants that register in the month of March using referral code EDS039 at checkout will be included in a drawing to win a custom Esprit de She performance Moxie Cycling jersey (valued at $58)!

You know you want in on the fun of Esprit de She!
You know you want in on the fun of Esprit de She!

Once registration is complete, please notify me at rockymtnpearls@gmail.com that you have signed up using referral code EDS039. I will select 3 winners and notify you by the end of the week! Winners will receve their Moxie jersey before the end of April.

So game on everyone – who wants to join the winning bracket?

2015: The Journey Unknown

The end of 2014 came and went, in a bittersweet and far too fast blur.  So many fantastically fun things happened and life got rather too much in the way to report on them!  I finished out my running year with 4 holiday themed races, 2 10K’s and 2 5K’s, and achieved my best 5K time yet: 30:21 at the ColderBolder (it wasn’t a high of 5 degrees this year like it was last year, so I was happy to run it this go around).  I’ll share more about these races later, as I think they’re worth posting about.

One of the most exciting things thus far: I was selected to be an Esprit de She Brand Ambassador!  I cannot wait to share the Esprit de She love and event information.  Although the Denver event won’t be until August, there are Esprit de She events throughout the US, which include running, duathlons and triathlons – something for everyone!  I participated in last year’s Esprit de She 10K in Westminster (there’s also a 5K!), Colorado and loved this race.  It is still my 10K PR, and I had a phenomenal experience throughout the entire process, from warming up with a workout dance instructor, to the cheering squad along the entire route, to the amazing after party at Lifetime Fitness.  It was an all-around awesome experience.  Besides, you end the night with a few glasses of bubbly, so what could be bad about that?  Check out upcoming races throughout the US – if interested, please use code EDS039 when you register!

Esprit de She take two in 2015!  This time as an Ambassador!
Esprit de She take two in 2015! This time as an Ambassador!

Another hugely exciting thing is that my darling friend, Danielle, asked me to be in her wedding.  Having moved from Maryland to Colorado three and half years

This gorgeous lady, and my ColderBolder buddy, will be saying "I do!" in October!
This gorgeous lady, and my ColderBolder buddy, will be saying “I do!” in October!

ago I never knew I could make such phenomenal friends to the point that I would be a part of their big day!  I have already been invited to a wedding in Colorado, which was a stunning and fantastic affair celebrating two of my favorite people, Peter and Ade, in October of 2013.  There is something different, though, about being asked to be a part of the entire experience!  I cannot wait for her and Scott’s wedding day this October in Vail, Colorado.  It’s sure to be a beautiful and memorable wedding.

This year the hubs and I are hoping to take a few more trips, including wine country in June, and a fabulous beach trip in September (this week we’re deciding

I miss Hawai'i!!  Maui is so stunning!
I miss Hawai’i!! Maui is so stunning!

between Hawai’i and Mexico… tough choices).  I realized I haven’t legitimately seen a beach, or really ocean, since Mrs. BakeNBurn’s wedding in March 2013!! That is ridiculous.  It needs to be remedied stat!  We have both been to Maui, and I have also visited Oahu and the Big Island, but know so little about Mexico, particularly the West Coast since it is easier to get to from Colorado.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise I will have a bachelorette party at an undisclosed location, a long weekend in Disney World with my family (I can’t stay away!), and potentially a conference in Vegas to look forward to!  I will also be attending my sister’s graduation in May, so I will be back in the DC area before long.

My last beach vacation - I miss large bodies of water!  Isn't Mrs. BakeNBurn beautiful?
My last beach vacation – I miss large bodies of water! Isn’t Mrs. BakeNBurn beautiful?

This past year was really a great year for me and the hubs.  I had a job I loved, we were both settled in our home in Denver, we have a fantastic set of friends

And this is only the beginning of our journey!
And this is only the beginning of our journey!

around us, and we had a ton of visitors throughout the year.  My own personal goal of showcasing my interior design initiative, very novice I admit, to the world was realized. Somehow a few of my Instagramable moments were regrammed by Pottery Barn, which is my home decor Mecca. Beyond that, the hubs and I were able to have 2 amazing vacations together, and worked on ourselves as a unit.  This was so successful that, and I have to brag here, the hubs lost 45 pounds!!  I had no idea he had that much to lose, but he looks and feels great, and I couldn’t be prouder.  Once he had shed somewhere around 35-40, we actually had my awesome friend, and photographer, Laura, take some family shots.  She’s the incredible owner and photographer of Red Mountain Studio, and if you’re in need of great shots around the north Denver area, definitely check her out!  It’s amazing to see the things we have accomplished, but even more so to have watched his transformation and how happy he is.

Look at my happy, healthy hubby!

I know 2014 boasted so many great things, but 2015 is looking just as promising.  Here’s to the journey ahead and wherever it may lead!

Esprit de She: Where the Ladies Lead the Lanes

You don’t have to tell me, I already know… I stink at blogging abroad.  What can I say?  I was caught up in the awesome that is England and Scotland.  And can we talk about what an interesting time to be in Scotland?  Today is decision day!  More on that later.

Rather than reminisce about the adventures the hubs and I experienced while gallivanting (a word not used nearly enough) throughout the British countryside, I wanted to blog about a long overdue race recap.  The Thursday before my hubby and I left for the UK, I was invited to participate in the Denver Esprit de She!

As per usual, the pre-race selfie.
As per usual, the pre-race selfie.

This race series is designed specifically for women, and I can say with certainty has been one of my favorite races to date.  The incredible support I received from women on the course and off was truly spectacular.  My friend Christie used to work for Athleta, one of the major sponsors of the event.  Along with sponsorship from Lifetime Fitness, this race took place just north of Denver in Westminster, Colorado, outside the Lifetime gym along I-25.  Thankfully the race took place with enough time after work that I was able to fight the traffic to get there with 30 minutes to spare.

Before the race began, there were vendors lining the outdoor pool area, which would be available post-race as well.  In front of the starting line was a stage, and fitness instructors were leading the awaiting runners in fantastic choreographed

Race photographer must peg me as a sportswear model!
Race photographer must peg me as a sportswear model!

dances.  Given my affinity towards Jazzercise, kickboxing classes, and Zumba, I obviously jumped right in!  Christie arrived with about 10 minutes prior to the start of the race (post-work races aren’t always easy to commute to!).  She and her friend Karen came together, and thankfully all three of us have similar paces.  We made our way up to the starting line.  Because the race hosted both a 5K and a 10K, the organizers made sure to let the 10K-ers go first, given the extra distance and later end times.  As you might expect, given this was a ladies only race, I had to accessorize.  I wore my Race Junkie “This Beauty Runs Like A Beast” shirt with my purple Under Armour leggings and purple Sparkle Skirt!  I like to make an impression, even when I run.


We all started the race together, but about 2.5 miles in decided to each go our own pace.  I was feeling particularly good during this race, despite the unexpected hills.  Unlike with the BolderBoulder, I didn’t want to psych myself out by looking at the elevation chart.  I should know by now that if it is in Colorado, there will be hills, and the elevation is high regardless.  I might have wanted to prepare for these hills though.  The course itself left much to be desired.  It was an out-and-back course, and for those doing the 10K, it was out-and-back times two.  Much of the course looped around the Lifetime Fitness facility and parking lot, and ran right along the highway.  In some ways this was good, because I couldn’t hear my Nike running app telling me my pace, which probably reduced my stress and anxiety over the need to run faster.

The 10K course was just double the 5K.
The 10K course was just double the 5K.

Although the course was lackluster, the race volunteers were fantastic.  They were full of spirit and great cheers, and of course, I elicited lots of sparkle skirt enthusiasm.  These were the folks, again, primarily women, that kept me going.  The

Myself, Christie and Karen before the race began!
Myself, Christie and Karen before the race began!

best part of the course was that the finish line was at the bottom of a hill, so you could truly speed your way through the finish line.  At about mile 4 I began running behind a woman that had my ideal pace, and I followed her through to the end of the race.  I crossed the finish line, feeling this had been my best 10K yet, and indeed it was!  A new PR for the books: 1:01:53, a 9:58 average pace.  In all honesty, my best time ever.  With the amazing race support, the women on the course and off cheering me on, and not worrying about my splits, I had a fantastic time.

We made the most of those props.
We made the most of those props.

The fun, thankfully, wasn’t over yet.  Great volunteers were there to greet me, as our names were announced over the loudspeaker, with chocolate milk (always a favorite in my book), Aspire natural sports drinks, and bottles of cold water.  As the ladies and I made our way back to the pool area, tasty bites were prepared, including peanut chicken and rice, roasted tomato hummus and quinoa, and other yummy nibbles.   White wine was provided by Joel Gott wines, with a cute little plastic souvenir wine glass, mini manis were available (although the line was long enough to deter me), and samples of Lifetime’s spa items were available.  Of course Athleta had items available for purchase, and freebies were offered by Luna, Aspire and Yoplait.  The best part, however, was truly the Aspire photo booth, with an appropriate assortment of props, and the ability to send to your e-mail or post to Facebook or Twitter.  Awesome!  Christie and I enthusiastically partook.  I had an amazing night surrounded by awesome women, and happily got a PR out of it.  And thanks to Christie’s connections with Athleta, this race was free!

At this point I knew I was happy with my time!
At this point I knew I was happy with my time!

Registration for the 2015 Denver Esprit de She opens in November… I have a feeling I will happily pay for it this time around.

Have you participated in an Esprit de She or other lady-only races?  How did you like the experience?  Any recommendations for smaller national races to try?  Who cannot wait for the weekend (can you tell that I am stoked?)?